Moving Forward!

Over the course of the last 13 months, I’ve reworked and transitioned my fitness business into a new medium that will hopefully lay the groundwork for Cotterell Training Systems to impact more clients than ever before. Last year, I made the difficult decision to transition away from in-person, personal training-in a public setting.

Having an infant daughter made this the right short term decision, due to CO-VID, but also an even better long term decision. The hours I was pulling at the gym I trained out of, were flat out not conducive for helping my wife raise our daughter. Therefore, I decided to take advantage of a certification I had attained in 2018, through Jonathan Goodman and the Online Trainer Academy.

Training online is an extremely watered down industry, that just about anyone with an Instagram fitness page offers. Having a certification through a reputable source such as the OTA, was designed to differentiate myself from others. When I sat for this course back in 2018, I figured training online would be a great way to reconnect with clients that I have around the country, and also serve as a great transition to parenthood. I have several fitness certifications through various companies, but little did I know, that CO-VID would make my Online Training Cert the most valuable one I posess.

What Is Online Training?

Online training takes on many different forms- at its most basic level, it’s the sale of workout programs for a client to follow. At its most complex, being an online coach can serve as a client’s “fitness concierge”- monitoring everything from their nutrition intake, daily activity and programmed workouts. The opportunities are endless, and are now coming to the forefront on the fitness industry. With many individuals still somewhat leery of in-person training, or re-joining a gym, an online coach can help customize a workout to your current situation and hold you accountable.

Currently, I specialize in creating customized workouts for clients looking to shed weight, gain lean muscle, and most importantly, get strong! In addition to individualized programs, though, I also have taught two live classes via Zoom for the last year as well.

Both of these classes are minimalist in nature- they’re designed for anyone to perform, with the only equipment necessary being a yoga mat (if you’d like) and a set of mini-bands (which I provide). The purpose of these classes is to enhance your mobility, activate dormant muscles and strengthen your deep core muscles- all in an effort to move pain-free and further through life.

Below I will include the full descriptions for each class. They are both completely original to CTS, and follow a series of mobility and activation sequences that have changed lives by eliminating or greatly reducing lower back, shoulder and knee pain. These are areas of the body that a vast-majority of the population suffer from- which is why I want to cast a wider net of who I can help- so please, if either of these classes interests you, I highly encourage you to e-mail me ( for more details and to get on the mailing list.

Mobilize and Move! (Monday’s @ 5:30 PM EST)

Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain? Do you work extended periods seated at a desk, on a laptop? Do you normally have a commute that results in sitting for multiple hours per day? ….If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then Mobilize and Move!  is the class for you! In this body-weight only class, we will focus on mobility from the ankles to the neck with a goal of creating pain free movement patterns. Unlocking the ankles, hips and thoracic spine will not only assist in eliminating chronic lower back, knee and shoulder pain, but it will also optimize your strength training results as well. After an extended full body mobility flow, you will finish the workout with a 15-20 minute bodyweight strength circuit that has a full body focus, with a significant emphasis on strengthening the core musculature. Start your week off right by getting your body functioning properly with Mobilize and Move!  on Monday’s at 5:30 PM! 

Activate and Attack! (Wednesday’s @ 5:30 PM EST)

If you struggle with knee, shoulder or lower back pain, you most likely have underactive muscles surrounding your joints. These muscles are extremely important however they are mostly small, and cannot always be trained with traditional strength work. With a miniband and proper exercise combinations though, you will be able to Activate and Attack life with a new vigor and less joint pain! 

This class opens with about 10-15 minutes of full body mobility, followed by a 20-30 minute activation series that alternates between your lower and upper bodies. Class is finished with 15-20 minutes of full body strength circuits with an extreme emphasis on core! All you need for class are minibands of varying tension, with dumbbells being optional! Put chronic joint pain behind you by coming out for Activate and Attack!


In Close…

Even if attending a fitness class is not right for you right now, I will be posting the exercises and variables from each workout to this blog every week. While you may not know all the exercises listed (as some of them are my names), the bulk of it will still provide a resource for you to add to your workouts.

CO-VID altered so many aspects of life around the world, however, the detriments of the collective inactivity from the past year, will unfortunately wreak havoc for years to come. If you’ve struggled with achieving a consistent exercise schedule, I highly encourage you to make a change now. Don’t wait for tomorrow any longer. If you need the motivation, or the “appointment” aspect of training, I urge you to consider getting on the mailing list for either of the zoom classes- as they are a great place to start. (And if these classes don’t interest you, I’d still be happy to point you in the direction of a coach or type of class that may be right for you!)

Please feel free to e-mail me any fitness questions you have- online training related or not!

Yours in Fitness and Health,


Your Final Reward Will Be Heartache and Tears, If You’ve Cheated the Guy in the Glass. 

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