Make It Heavy Mindset

While the phrase “make it heavy” is quite simple, there is profound meaning behind these words that I hope will positively impact your daily routines. I heard about the MIH mindset several years ago from Mike Rashid (who’s spent time as a boxer, bodybuilder, motivational speaker and trainer) and it resonated with me immediately. The following is my own interpretation of what “Make It Heavy” stands for, and I hope in the future when you hear this phrase, it means something unique and profound to you as well!

According to the MIH mindset there are two types of people- those that run towards adversity and those who run away from it. No matter your current job, financial status, relationship history, body composition etc., adversity will certainly affect your life in some way. When adversity comes, an individual can use it as a character building experience and grow from it; or withdraw and become weaker and timid because of it. MIH urges you to run towards adversity and embrace it, knowing the end result will make you stronger in every sense of the word.

Look to impose a “make it heavier” attitude in the gym on a daily basis. Whether that occurs by adding an extra set, 5 more minutes of cardio at a faster pace, or grabbing a pair of dumbbells that are 5 lbs heavier than you normally use- make something about your workout “heavier.” In other words, look to put yourself in controlled adversity, and train to conquer that moment.

During this controlled adversity, your body will be telling you that you’re tired and can’t complete the rep, set, session- you must train your mind to respond with a defiant “make it heavy” and push through. If you fail, and need a spotter to take the weight off, or you have to dump the dumbbells on the ground, or hop off the treadmill- who cares? That failure made you a stronger person [both physically and mentally] than you were before you got outside your comfort zone.  

Once you conquer your mindset shift in the gym, the next step is to translate MIH into your everyday life. When your boss gives you a job assignment that you absolutely hate, or your essays and exams for school all seem to be due on the same day- rather than pity yourself, embrace the moment and run towards the challenge of doing something temporarily unpleasant- knowing you will walk away ready for the next obstacle life will throw at you. MAKE IT HEAVY.

Growth of any kind only happens during moments of discomfort. You can’t expect your body to change, unless you’re truly giving it a reason to change. Adversity in your everyday life will continue to negatively impact your life, unless you embrace the challenge, and subsequently learn and grow from it.

This week I challenge you to make one aspect of your workout routine “heavy.” In other words, get outside of your normal comfort zone and safely do something that is challenging to you. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable will immensely benefit you well beyond the physical changes that will occur to your body.

Make It Heavy,


Your Final Reward Will Be Heartache and Tears, If You’ve Cheated the Guy in the Glass. 

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